Sunday, June 16, 2019

Charter Schools Are a Major Dividing Line for the 2020 Democratic Candidates—Education Fights in Pennsylvania Point the Way

Charter schools are finally becoming a battleground.

2:00PM Water Cooler 6/10/2019

Today’s Water Cooler: Biden, Gravel, Trump, Warren, Williamson, Iowa, rural voters, job openings, coal, container volume, Elon Musk, the yield curve, rice and greenhouse gases, health benefits for the undocumented, Hugh Culverhouse, Jr. exposed, tourism in Nepal

Midwest Flooding and Climate Change

Scientists in and out of government on the Midwest Floods and climate change, polling, the views of Davenport, Iowa, and what the Democrats could be doing and aren’t

Links 6/10/19

The Poor Who Are Not With Us

Why some of the poor get all the attention.

Why Some CEOs Figure ‘Medicare For All’ Is Good For Business

A small but growing group of business executives support “Medicare for All. They argue not that health care is a human right, but that covering everyone with a government plan and decoupling health care coverage from the workplace would benefit entrepreneurship.

Is Geoengineering the Answer to the Climate Crisis?

Like it or not, geoengineering is coming.

NC Open House/House Cleaning in NYC Sunday 6/23 With Book Giveaways, Other Goodies

Hope you can stop by our open house on Sunday June 23 for some conversation and giveaways.

Midwest Flooding, the Corn and Soy Crops, and Knock-On Effects

How bad are the Midwest floods for crops? Very bad indeed.

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Identity, Beliefs, and Political Conflict

By Nicola Gennaioli, Full Professor of Finance, Bocconi University, IGIER and CEPR, and Guido Tabellini, Professor of Economics at Bocconi University and CEPR Research Fellow. Originally published at VoxEU. In the last few decades, the political systems of advanced democracies have witnessed momentous changes. Nationalism and populism have gained support almost everywhere, often at the […]

Meetups This Week! Hope to See You in Cleveland This Wed or in Chicago This Thursday

If you live nearby, hope to see you in Clevaland or Chicago later this week for some enjoyable and energetic discussions.

Links 6/8/19

It’s Time to Stop Calling Natural Gas a ‘Bridge Fuel’ to a Safe Climate, Says New Report

IEA’s annual market report predicts continued growth in demand for natural gas; Justin Mikulka discusses report Oil Change International debunking contention that natural gas can serve as a bridge fuel to a cleaner energy future.

China-Russia Partnership Threatens US Global Hegemony

America expected China to join the international economic community as a subordinate power, but China’s deals with Russia show China moving towards parity in economic and military sway.