Sunday, August 19, 2018

Where in the World Is It Easiest to Get Rich?

Debunking American exceptionalism on a pet obsession: the ability to get rich.

2:00PM Water Cooler 8/13/2018

Today’s Water Cooler: NAFTA, Seth Moulton, Trump in NY-21 and NY-22, capital spending, shipping, Google’s dark patterns, capacity constraints, smart cities, ayahuasca

The Fracking Industry Is Cannibalizing Its Own Production, Increasing Spill Risks

Fracking companies are drilling too many wells in close proximity to one another, and when they frack the newer wells — known as child wells — those “bash” or “hit” the older wells, cannibalizing production and sometimes damaging the older well. The industry knows not how to solve this problem.

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Hubert Horan: Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part Sixteen: Is Morningstar’s Horrendously Bad Uber Analysis a Preview of Uber’s IPO Propsectus?

Why a Morningstar report on Uber’s IPO prospects does not begin to add up.

CalPERS to End Direct Investments and Separately Managed Accounts, Limit Co-Investment as CIO Whinges About Difficulty of Putting Money to Work

CalPERS is about to take another great leap backwards in private equity.

The Enemy Between Us: How Inequality Erodes Our Mental Health

Inequality creates the social and political divisions that isolate us from each other.

Ninth Circuit Orders EPA to Ban Chlorpyrifos Pesticide

Ninth Circuit orders EPA to implement a long overdue ban of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide linked to developmental delays in children and nervous system damage to people and animals exposed. Court previously had to order Obama EPA in 2015 to act on the issue; it’s unclear whether this decision will survive appeal.

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Amidst Rising Heat Waves, UN Says Cooling is a Human Right, Not a Luxury

The rising heat waves in the world’s middle income and poorer nations are threatening the health and prosperity of about 1.1 billion people, including 470 million in rural areas without access to safe food and medicines, and 630 million in hotter, poor urban slums, with little or no cooling to protect them.

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ECB Fears Contagion from Turkish Lira Collapse, Bank Stocks Plunge

The Turkish lira’s swan dive is causing all sorts of collateral damage.

Gaius Publius: Why Is Thomas Frank Puzzled?

Is Thomas Frank really puzzled about the feckless Dems? Or is he still hoping they might change their stripes?

2:00PM Water Cooler 8/10/2018

Today’s Water Cooler: NAFTA, tariffs and fish, China trade, Avenatti 2020, midterms, consumer prices, oil, Mr. Market, the press and intelligence, heat, habits, the mind

Puerto Rico: 1427 Hurricane Maria Deaths

Government of Puerto Rico presents report to Congress acknowledging 1427 Hurricane Maria details– more than twenty times the previous estimate it had given. Meanwhile, prospects for meaningful debt relief remain slight.