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Austerity Caused Brexit

Yves here. Lambert sent me a copy of the underlying paper on Brexit voting patterns a week ago, suggesting I write it up. I sat on it due to focusing on seemingly more pressing stories, being behind on administrativa due to travel. I’ve embedded the article at the end of this post. This finding […]


Emoluments Decision: No Way Back Machine

Recent district court decision allowing an emoluments clause case to proceed is not the way-back machine Resiters seek. The most serious legal consequences Trump faces are limited to his ownership interest in his DC signature hotel. The political consequences could be more serious– but hinge on whether Democrats capture the House in November.


Taxcast: A Firewall to Protect EU Citizens from the Big Four Accountancy Firms and the Tax Avoidance Lobby

In the Tax Justice Network’s July 2018 Taxcast, Vickie Cann and John Christensen examine a proposal for a firewall to protect EU citizens from the Big Four accountancy firms and the tax avoidance lobby, as well as look at a new report from the Corporate Europe Observatory.