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Lawsuit Aims to Curtail Warrantless Searches of Electronic Devices at US Border

Lawsuit reveals border searches of electronic devices have nearly quadrupled in four years . US border officials claim they don’t need a warrant for such searches, can investigate issues beyond customs and immigration issues, and share data obtained with other foreign and domestic agencies. Plaintiffs ask judge to grant summary judgment and require warrants. Whatever she decides, the case will be appealed.


Bill Black: If Current Laws Prosecuting Bankers Aren’t Used, What Can Warren Change?

Bill Black demolishes the notion that we can’t prosecute banksters with laws now in place. He there’s no need to pass new laws – as Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes – but instead to appoint regulators and legal officers who’ll use what we know about dealing with criminogenic environments to prosecute white collar criminals. And to provide them with support and resources.


Department of Justice Indicts Two Drug Company Executives Over Opioid Sales; More to Come?

On Tuesday, the Southern District of New York and the Drug Enforcement Administration announced a series of indictments against one of the ten largest drug distributors in the US, Rochester Drug Co-Operative, and two former executives, the CEO and the chief compliance officer, and the latter has pled guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. […]