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Costly Confusion: Patients Caught by Medicare Not Covering Annual Physical Exams

Yves here. This post presents a classic example of why medical care in America sucks. It’s too much about billing and not enough about patient care. I know patients who can have a yearly visit to an MD covered under their plan as either a physical or a medium complexity visit for conditions for which […]


Electronic Health Records: Death By A Thousand Clicks

Rather than an electronic ecosystem of information, the nation’s thousands of EHRs largely remain a sprawling, disconnected patchwork. Moreover, the effort has handcuffed health providers to technology they mostly can’t stand and has enriched and empowered the $13-billion-a-year industry that sells it.


Cancer’s Complications: Confusing Bills, Maddening Errors And Endless Phone Calls

Yves here. I am sure readers have many stories of their own from personal or family experience about how the health insurance industry shamefully goes into denial and delay mode with cancer patients. I know of all of one person who didn’t have a horrible time, but even then, as a widowed middle aged woman […]