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Motherboard (resilc)

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Christian Science Monitor


Scottish shell firms ignoring or bypassing transparency laws, major research finds.

— David Leask (@LeaskyHT)


The Times. Remember that it was the House of Lords that was expected to make a stink. Ironically, the headline on the site is different than the one in the e-mail summary: Tory MPs threaten revolt if European withdrawal bill is not amended


Guido Fawkes

New Cold War

Russia Insider (micael)

John Helmer. A tale of lousy bank supervision, Russian-syle.

Turkish Minute (micael)

Syraqiatan (resilc)


American Conservative. Resilc: “Always interesting that USA USA Christians never cared about these people.”

Imperial Collapse Watch


Boston Herald

Big Brother is Watching You Watch


Trade Traitors

Vancouver Sun (margarita)

Trump Transition

Wall Street Journal

CBS News (furzy). Maybe. Hillary Clinton thinks she’s not done too.

Politico. Bannon’s Alabama pick Roy Moore is an utter nutcase. FWIW, Trump has more sway in Alabama than Bannon does.

LA Review of Books (micael)

New York Times

Hurricane Alley J-LS: “Offered by way of a bit of a public service announcement.”


New York Times

New York Times

From Brian C, who was tracking cruise ships that look to have moved into Irma’s way as a result of bad forecasts: “One of the three ships has reappeared. The Majesty of the Seas is retransmitting and is located south of the Dominican Republic. The other two have not sent any transponder signals since being south of the Florida Keys 2 days ago. I will keep looking.” The other two ships are : Enchantment of the Seas and Grand Celebration.

Clinton Agnoistes

The Hill. UserFriendly: “She’d have to back in time a lot further than 2016.”

Vanity Fair (resilc)

Consortium News (Sid S)

The Hill (UserFriendly)

News Corp (Sid S)

Slate (resilc)


Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal (Li)

The World of Chinese. Tony B: “Arcadia will implode. Chinese realtors are part of the problem.”

Der Spiegel

Big Picture (resilc)


Class Warfare

Brennan Center for Justice (Adrien)

New York Times

Business Insider (Li). Clive could not contain himself:

Complete and utter rubbish. Every business process automation project I’ve ever been involved with has failed and ended up a graveyard for multiples of millions of investment. Even my dumb, inept and hopelessly gullible TBTF looked at (actually, is still looking at) robotics but can’t see how to integrate it anywhere meaningfully.

Here’s the science bit. Business processes are divisible into three broad classes: “routines” (a multitude of predictable simples stuff that is easy to detail, document and calculate volumes) , “runners” (still predictable but more complex processes the are less in number and take longer to complete) and “rarities” (uncommon, ad-hoc variable length and variable complexity tasks that just crop up from time to time). The “routines” have already been automated as far as possible. The “runners” have been assessed for automation and automated where a business case can be made to do so but some are highly complex and don’t lend themselves to be automated in a cost-effective way no matter what the technology applied is. And “rarities” are too unpredictable to get a coherent business process defined for.

Even if DB haven’t automated a lot of “routines” already, and still have some low hanging fruit to pick, the numbers talked about aren’t credulous. They would have to have little to none in the way of automation in place already for them to be even half true. Even DB aren’t *that* bad.

Offshore wealth / GDP all over the world.

From our just released new NBER working paper, "Who owns the wealth in tax havens"?

— Gabriel Zucman (@gabriel_zucman)

Antidote du jour (MGL, from the Guardian):

And a bonus, cobra students from Stephen L:

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