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 The Wire

The Intercept. Naomi Klein.

 The Conversation


Times Literary Supplement





North Korea

 Project Syndicate

 Asia Times


 Asia Times





 The Wire



 Moon of Alabama


 Independent. Robert Fisk.


Trump Transition

The Hill


 The Wire

 The Hill



American Conservative. Yes, I know this is Pat Buchanan.

Class Warfare

Daily Beast


1843 Magazine


Democrats in Disarray


Kill Me Now

 Reuters. Don’t tell me he’s testing the waters too.





NYT. Gretchen Morgenson.



 The Times

Health Care


Police State Watch

Columbia Journalism Review

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch


Hurricane Alley

 International Business Times

 Weather Underground


 Miami Herald

Irish Times (martha r). Despite the warnings, the poor may not be able to flee….

Daily Beast

 Tampa Bay Times (martha r)

Independent. Patrick Cockburn. The deck: Because of an over-focus on empty gestures and a queasiness about money, the response to natural disasters in the US is all too often inadequate. The army and the National Guard are on standby in South Florida – but if Hurricane Andrew taught us anything, it’s that they aren’t as much use as you’d think

 CBS Miami

 Ars Technica

 Houston Chronicle:

Houston City Councilman Dave Martin, who represents hard-hit Kingwood, had a message for the public about the American Red Cross.

“I beg you not to send them a penny,” he said at Wednesday’s council meeting. “They are the most inept unorganized organization I’ve ever experienced.”

 Ars Technica


WaPo (KW)

And, reader BC writes:

If you have been following the adjustments to the predicted track of Hurricane Irma, you will know that it’s predicted track has shifted substantially westward. Several days ago, it appeared to be headed straight towards Miami. Many predictions had variances along a more eastward trajectory. If you are a ship at sea, these predictions are often the the basis of bets you place your life on.

Over the past days and hours, I have been monitoring how sea traffic and air traffic have changed due to Hurricane Irma. For sea traffic there is an app called MarineTraffic that collects the transponder beacons of all large ships globally. The change in Irma’s track seems to have horrifying ramifications for three cruise ships that all had been in the Miami path of the storm and chose to steam at full speed to the west. Using the app you can also verify the paths of each. There are three cruise ships that are in great danger from Irma seen below (in blue) in a capture made at 7pm Eastern time.

God speed and prayers to all souls onboard.

Jerri-Lynn here: The three ships are: , , and .

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