Links 8/28/17


 The Onion

 Business Insider

Telegraph (Oregoncharles) Reminds me of a long springtime drive I once made across Saskatchewan, during which I filled the windshield reservoir of my car 9 times. Beaucoup bugs!

 International Business Times


 The Ringer


 Guardian. Normally, I would eschew contributing to the Dianathon. So many words spilled to so little effect! But Hilary Mantel writes so well, so…. And my response to those who think I shouldn’t have included this: mea culpa.




 Al Jazeera




 Telegraph. Hmmm. Not sure how much credence to give this, but include because Politico’s daily EU summary accorded this prominent play. Yet there’s so much magical thinking on the British side, particularly among Brexiteers….

 The Conversation


 Ian Welsh (martha r)

Police State Watch

 LA Times

 Ars Technica

 Relatively Interesting. The Review Kev: “Old but relevant.”



North Korea




 Mark St. Cyr (furzy). And, if true, not a moment too soon.

Class Warfare

 American Conservative

 This Is Money

Imperial Collapse Watch


Big Brother IS Watching You Watch




Hurricane Harvey


If you are in the Houston area please View and RETWEET this video on how to escape a car during a flood

— Chris Smith (@Lilyachttty)

 Houston Chronicle






 New Yorker


 Charlotte News & Observer

Trump Transition



 The Hill

 The Hill

 NYT. Classic Grey Lady pearl clutching– recall that the entire dangerous and destabilizing nuclear overhaul exercise wasn’t launched on Trump’s watch.




 Moon of Alabama

 Unz Review. Patrick Cockburn. Posted this yesterday: no paywall on this version.


 The Wire

Antidote du jour:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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