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National Hurricane Center

New York Times

Quartz. UserFriendly: “Classy.”

From Martha r:

1. TX Senators Cruz and Cornyn voted against aid for Hurricane Sandy in 2012
2. They now want billions for TX as Hurricane Harvey approaches

— West Wing Reports (@WestWingReport)



EarthSky. Chuck L; “If this is what they looked like at 70% occlusion, sunflowers in the path of totality must have freaked out. Photos anyone?”



National Geogrpahic. UserFriendly: “Great, fish junkies..”

Nautilus (micael). Notice YouTube removed the Louis C.K. video….


The Diplomat (resilc)


Asia Times


BBC. Consistent with what we have been saying…


Financial Times

Daily Mash



Big Brother is Watching You Watch

ZDNet (Pat)

Network World (Phil P)

Defense One. Resilc: “Thumb drive porn”

Trump Transition

Guardian. Oddly, he did this on Friday afternoon in the summer. Was the assumption his base would take notice no matter when he did it while the MSM harrumphing would be somewhat blunted?

From Martha r:

Here's the White House statement on pardon for former MCSO Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

— Marc Martinez (@marcfox10)



Washington Post

e Financial Times. The underlying interview.

New York Magazine (resilc)


The Week

Guardian. This is pathetic. If the left in a city heavily populated by liberulz and actual lefties like SF thinks it can’t manage a brief influx of far-right wingers, particularly since as in Boston, the permit can set a max on the number of attendees, there is something wrong with this picture. Both Charlottesville (admittedly at real human cost) and Boston made the far right look bad. This impulse will largely burn out if they are allowed to rally and 1. Police keep them far right wing well separated from the counter-protestors and 2. The locals show up in far bigger numbers than the protestors, giving a big visual image that they are representatives of a fringe cause. By contrast, preventing them from assembling by literally dirty tricks lets them claim the moral high ground when that’s the last outcome anyone opposed to them should want.

New York Magazine. Sullivan’s general point is correct. Limiting the permit # to 100 was ridiculous. 250 or 500 or 1000 would still have been a number the police could have contained, particularly with the strict prohibitions the had on weapons or anything that could have been a weapon. However, the moderate-sounding Medlar was only one of six organizers and the roster for speakers kept changing up to the last minute. There were earlier reports of some pretty hard core (as in not pretty views) alt right types being on deck to speak. Some withdrew and others may have had their invites pulled. So my sense is that the “rightwingedness” of this event morphed a lot as it got closer to the rally date.

Guardian. So now blue cities are fulfilling Trump’s prediction?

Slate (resilc)


Chicago Tribune (Sid S)

Our Fabulously Free Press

failed evolution

Every. Single. Software developer. Must. Take. Note.

YOU can go to jail for the code YOUR BOSS tells you to write.

— Ted Neward (@tedneward)

Project Syndicate. UserFriendly: “Elites learn something? LOLOLOLOL”

RealClearMarkets (UserFriendly). Actually the Bank of England does.


Recode. This is ridiculous. It’s not even smart harassment. For instance, they might expose that Benchmark was sharing confidential financial information with SoftBank w/o going through the right hoops, which is not going to help getting a deal done with SoftBank (not that we think that is likely save to buy some Asian ops or at a very knocked-down price). But it shows how toxic relationships between warring factions at Uber have become.

Class Warfare

New Republic (ChiGal). Better than you probably expect.


The Times

Reuters. EM: “$300M per year sounds like a pittance, given the sky-high places in and around the SF Bay Area and elsewhere. That would buy, what, 200 single-family homes in SF?”

Antidote du jour. From Howard W:

This is a Macaque family at local zoo, mama. papa and junior. When we grow up we could be like them.

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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