1. psychohistorian

    Thanks for beating that drum Yves and glad to hear that is getting replay. Any way the masses can be educated is a and you are good at explaining the perfidy.

  2. Neal Deesit

    For those who just can’t wait for the show (Le Show), to the transcript of the earlier edition.

  3. Dan

    Excellent read (thru the transcript).

    I am afraid the audience that actually hears something like this is way to small. Anyway to start a link on for the audio or something like that?

  4. Dirk77

    I see the show is broadcast on Saipan, but not in the DC/MD/NVA area. Would it be possible to post this on YouTube?

  5. Kevin

    Great show with H.Shearer. Agree with earlier notes to get this on fb. My guess is a percentage of the zynga addicts may lift their heads to check you out. Gosh, now there you, Matt Taibbi and a few others that put it in language we all an get. It’s tough for everyone to cut thru the banking industry’s window dressing.
    just great!

  6. Gerry Elman

    I listen regularly to LeShow oia NPR in Philadelphia. Hearing today your interview by Harry Shearer leads me to follow you on Twitter and visit this blog as well. You’re a breath of fresh air.

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