Monday, November 19, 2018

Another Blow to the Biometric ID Fairy: Researchers Show ‘Master’ Fingerprints Can Bypass Smartphone ID Sensors

New research shows that ‘master’ fingerprints can bypass smartphone fingerprint ID systems – thus striking another blow at the biometric ID fairy.

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Why I Have Given Up on Powell’s Books

My inability to place an online order at Powell’s Books despite multiple attempts says something is very wrong.

Sunrise Movement and AOC Push Pelosi for a Green New Deal, Highlighting Job Creation

Young climate change activists and AOC push Pelosi for a Green New Deal, despite expected hostility in the Senate.

An MMT View of “Twin Deficits”: Budget and Current Account Deficits

Why the worries about the US budget deficit and China buying Treasuries are overblown.

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IMF, Warren Sound Alarm on Leveraged Lending

Concerns are building over the extent of leveraged lending, among regulators and politicians and the private sector alike. Some, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren see troubling signs that recall risks that triggered the Great Financial Crisis.

IMF Pushes Neoliberal Policies in Latin America

The IMF is back again, flexing its muscle in Argentina and Mexico, pushing the neoliberal Washington Consensus, says Vijay Prashad in this Real News Network interview.

Hope to See You At Our Birmingham Meetup This Monday, November 19

Hope you can join our Birmingham meetup!

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Labour MPs Should Vote Against Theresa May’s Brexit Deal. It Is a Poison Pill

Labour wants to play a game of chicken with May over Brexit.

How Trump’s Game of Chicken With Iran Could Weaken the Dollar’s Role as the World’s Currency

Politicizing the SWIFT payments system is leading other nations to the search for alternatives to the dollar.

A Cfdtrade Win: No More Poop in the Loop

How a reader documenting a horse dump problem in Chicago’s Loop led to a clean-up.

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/16/2018

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Readers, sorry for the “late” post. My habit is to set my clock a little ahead, as a lash and a spur to actually press the submit button by deadline, but the Mac’s latest OS seems to get huffy if my time is set “incorrectly,” and so I accidentally reset […]

When the Middle Class Lost Its Wealth

Until 2008, rising home values gave the middle class a cushion amid growing income inequality. But following the financial crisis, that wealth has failed to return.